90,000 S.F. Building with 10,000 S.F. Soundstage/Nightclub/Manufacturing Facility for Sale - Downtown Houston


3-Story Building PERFECT for a Commercial use: ie: Office Space, Galleries, Restaurants, Bistros, Shops or a Manufacturing or Industrial use; or as large (3,000 - 5,000 s.f) OR residential lofts of the first quality.

  • The 10,000 S.F. Soundstage has potential as a Nightclub, Manufacturing Facility, High-Technology Lab, Storage, Gallary Space or Performance Venue and will now only be available for use by the Landlord and tenants of the building.
  • The Building is served by two 2,500 amp disconnects (277/480 3-phase).  Building is fully sprinklered.  New elevators and stairwells will need to be installed.
  • The multi-story building contains three floors of 25,000 s.f. each and a basement of 15,000 s.f.  The multi-story building will need a complete renovation prior to occupancy. This will take a year after the project becomes bankable through pre-leasing.  The soundstage was built in 1987 and can be used without any renovation.
  • Secure Parking for 170 cars is available on adjacent lots (see: "Sketches").  The building is 2-blocks from the UH-Downtown light-rail station.  The neighborhood has superior ingress/egress to I-10 and the freeway system.  It is the only place in the CBD where you can get off the freeway coming from both directions and get on the freeway going in both directions.  Convenient access to the office buildings along the 'tunnel system' can be provided by an on-call van operated by the building management.
  • The west side of the building faces (and is quite visible from) eastbound traffic on I-10 (See:"Our Location").  It would be ideal for wall signage for the major tenant of the building.  "Naming Rights" also goes to the tenant taking 51% or more of the lease space.  Furthermore, take special care in noting that from now on, only the Landord or Tenants of the building will be allowed use of the soundstage. It is no longer available to the general public.
  • Property owners will consider joint-ventures (See DISCLAIMER under "Information") to develop the property on a spec basis.  As it stands, the building qualifies for the 20% Federal Tax Credit for historic buildings although it has not been applied for at this time.  Interested parties should take a look at the "Tax Incentives" tab to see what is available.
  • Property owners will consider demolishing the existing building and doing a 'Build to Suit' if circumstances warrant.  They will also consider doing a long-term (50-100 year) ground lease. It is conceivable that the entire block (+-115,000 s.f.) can be put together as a unit (See: "SKETCHES": "HCAD Sketch of Blocks 62 and 13, NSBB")
  • See the "Information" tab for more details.
  • Dial "707 Walnut St, Houston, Texas 77002" into Google Maps or Google Earth to look at the property, the surrounding neighborhood and the proximity to the CBD high-rise district.
  • All of the illustrations were created by David Suplee.  Click: for more information.  If you look at this website on an iphone, you can zoom-in on the illustrations.  It's really cool.



Third Floor Renovated Space showing glass facade with northern light
Illustration of North Bayou Area showing Buffalo Bayou Diversion Canal - Houston Studios shown in upper right quadrant


Contact: Scott Miller





The 3-story building would make ideal office space for any business that wants large open spaces with a high-tech/industrial look.  Creative enterprises will especially appreciate the ambiance of the building.  Perfectly suited as office space for Architects, Advertising Agencies, High-Technology start-ups, a Downtown Medical Center, or support facilities for the Ballet, Opera or Alley TheaterIt would also work great as a Fashion and Design Center with showrooms, offices and common-use areas for productions and displays. Trendy offices for brokerages or traders.  Employment Agencies...especially agencies dealing with high-tech jobs.  Any of these uses could be complimented by using the basement as a Jazz Club/Bistro at night and sharing the available parking.


ALTERNATIVELY, a downtown Entertainment Center could be created using the soundstage as a Performance Venue/Nightclub and the rest of the building for Shops, Bistros and Bars to support THE MAIN DRAW.




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